Sunday, August 1

Sitting here listening to my favorite music. Pink Floyd. Now as the band could really not exist other than Waters, Glimour, Mason and Wright, I do like the tunes including Cid Barrett. Though I would classify the genre more "weird rock" than psycodelic rock with the opening acts of Pink Floyd. Originated as Pink Floyd Sound with Barrett rather than Gilmour. I do think Gilmour was the best thing to happen to Pink Floyd. He took both guitar and vocals to a new level, turning them into a true Psycodelic band. Also looking at my first statement for the members of the band; two of the members being passed away, Pink Floyd is no more. No one could replace Wright or Mason. Truely "The Final Cut" was the last of the true Pink Floyd albums. If done missing anyone of the members couild not be considered Pink Floyd. The reason I am writting this is to make you aware that Waters was the reason the band broke up. Maybe as inportant as John breaking up the Beatles... oh yea, it was Yoko

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