Saturday, January 17

What are the Chances?

     Before I get started; Pluto is a planet, material having achieved hydrostatic equalibrium, has a set orbit around Sol, and even has a natural satellite.
     Just thinking about Earth. One of 9 planets (old school learning) in The Solar System. Then count in the other 'bodies'. Roughly 190 moons, uncounted asteroids, uncounted Kepler Objects and then there are the comets. Add to that the cooler I launched in to orbit several years ago and you have a large number or places that could harbor life. As technology flourishes, develops and grows we now know more about the space around us and to this day have not found life (as we know it) on another celestial object. Facts may be a bit skewed; but please bare with me. Our closest neighbor (apart from our natural satellite Luna) Would be Venus. A bit closer to Sol, so if all had worked out right it would be a bit hotter than Earth. But; things didn't turn out right, the oxygen escaped the atmosphere, the heavier gases remained and ended up with a severe greenhouse effect. Scientist say the surface temperature on Venus is hotter than Mercury (#1 of the first 3 planets). Our other close neighbor would then be Mars. So this planet is set up a lot like Earth, rocks and dust, a molten core, tectonics and even a reasonably close Ph balance in the soil there. There is even a little water there; in the form of ice. Mars being further from Sol than Earth, is like a perpetual winter. Seasons being Cold-Colder-More Cold and Coldest. Would make a nice ski lodge calendar. I will at this point say; for sake of argument, of the first 3 planets Earth ended up in the only place temperate to support life. This location is, in fact so exact there are places on Earth that are too cold to support life (as we know it). Which does bring me to the subject of Per chance happening or is there Intelligent design?  Food for thought.

English 101

     So as a nearly Major in English; I did learn that the semi-colon (;) is used to create two statements in the same sentence; can I then assume I can simply replace the period? The only difference I see between the two would be I have to capitalize my first word following a period; use of the semi-colon would greatly reduce the number of times I need to use the shift key; in today's fast paced life and need to get things done quickly and efficiently I think this concept deserves your attention; 

caught me by surprise.

     ok, so in my haste; being I was at the Ghettomart and they had a coffee maker and I needed one, I got a
cone filter machine. My real question going to this web site was actually "can I use a basket filter in a cone filter machine and if I do will it be disasterous?"  As I now have about 200 basket filters in my cupboard. Funny how you learn stuff on accident. I never knew the filter shape had that much effect on the taste of the coffee. So my cones as expensive as they are, do serve to better mankind. Rather than just costing more and depleting the economy. Huh... I never saw the connestion, Mr Obvious. 

                                       your Adoring fan;

Saturday, December 27

Camping Woes and Foes...

     Let me first be excused for not posting for a long while. You know how "life" gets in the way of the stuff
you like to do. That being said...
     Who here is not familiar with camping, enjoy all that mother nature has to offer; including but not limited to the sleeping on the hard ground and or a very uncomfortable cot? To me the worst part of the whole trip in sitting around the campfire, singing songs, telling stories and generally cutting up with friends and family. Not that I am apposed to fun but the darn fire has that tail called smoke; and it is always blowing in someones face. (Do note my use of punctuation; absence of a semi-colon got me a D on my term paper) Oh... where were we, oh yes, camping... In my years I did find one cure for the camp-fire-smoke-in-the-face ordeal. Address the fire, yes; as a person, and simply say, "I hate rabbits!" I know, it sounds crazy but it does work. Now I can't take full credit, as I discovered this rather than invent it.
     Tracing back through "Neo-lore" (you know, the study of me) you will find that my mom was an avid Girl Scout leader for a good part of my youth. I did go camping with the girl scouts on several occasions.    Sissy-fied?  I say it is what taught me the ways of a gentleman.
     The next time we get together we will go fishing to see if it is a way to have dinner, an actual sport or just an excuse to drink beer. 

Thursday, November 20