Sunday, October 15


     Who was it that decided nail color is just for females? I did contact an old girl friend; we broke up to save a friendship. Felling she was open minded and cool I let her know I was painting my nails. She was so cool about it. She gave me several words of advice, as to what brands are good and where to shop for and what not.
      This all started a few years back when my daughter lived with me. She used to paint my toe nails, just one or two of them. I would look down and see the art work and really did like it. I thought, what about the rest of them? They look so plain with out any color. I did some searching and reading on the subject.  Through my research I did find Brad Pitt and  Johnny Depp both paint their nails.

Thursday, April 7

Learning again

It's a ruff go to quit learning but continue to play guitar, and then start learning again. 

Your friend, 

Sunday, March 6

Getting Screwed

Obamacare: as said by my BLACK neighbor "God Damn you Fucking Nigger" and that is a quote!! As I said over a year ago, "They will find a way to take your tax return away from you" Was I right? Hell yes. That or the $2000 it costs to "Buy" health insurance. First president  to make a law to Buy something. And still you tell me Insurance Companies don't run this country? First comes Insuring your vehicle... well ok, I can skirt that by not driving... but Health Insurance? the only way to skirt that is to die... is there something wrong with this? HELL YES!!! Yes it is fair to give the poor and retired a break but to cost the average hard working American about $2000 a year is to say the least "Unconstitutional". Well, after all, it was a terrorist who devised this law. Hussein Obama?? How the hell did this Terrorist get into office to begin with? Oh yea, the American voters are idiots. (sorry to offend anyone) but... fuck you. just like the Government is doing with Social Security. You do realize if you die before collecting SS the government keeps your money (taken out of Your PayCheck) < do note the caps in there. And just take a look at all the other mismanagement of tax money. Need I do on? If government were a private industry it would have been out of business long ago. Mismanagement, over spending, poor budgeting, Company waste, over spending, over budget, poor employee management, the list goes on and on and on. I think it is high time to take up our arms (which the government is always trying to take away) and over throw the tyrants that claim to be running a government "for the people and by the people".

 Your good friend,

Sunday, January 17

No pictures, memes or the what not... all text.

     Now when I was growing up; childhood split between Atlanta and Cincinnati, I was taught to accept other peoples ways. Not so much lean to or adapt them. I was brought up as a Catholic, religion was not hard pressed on me; but I was "learned" the ways of Catholicism. I grew up in Georgia, early childhood. Went to school, knew Baptists, and other realms of the Christian faith. Knew some Orientals, and other nationalities. Had a close friend name ended in skie (Polish or other) all was good. Jim and I would meet after school, origin was not an issue.Had fun doing what kids do, till dinner time. So you introduce me to an Islam... this person thinks (in a religions way) his creed is the only deserving creed on earth. and would rather see me dead than understand my faith. Does this not cause problems? I do read the bible, New Testament mainly, and I see the teachings of Christ to be "love" accept, and respect; no killing here. What I know of Buddha; wisdom, advise and knowledge again, no killing here. What I know of the Jewish faith; still waiting for the Messiah, save for that rainy day... again; no killing here. Are we seeing the trend? Not wanting to sound Racial or Prejudiced, doesn't "kill the infidels:" sound a bit rash and un-thought out? More like an easy answer to some religious drama? My answer is simple. Islam is the "odd man out". All others are willing and able for co-existence; remove those resistant to co-exist; problem solved! I'm sorry, a life centered on hate is not welcome here.

Wednesday, January 6

I think this comparison holds water (so to speak)

Keep in mind, where ever you go "Guns are not bad... people are"
How many are killed in automobile crashes every year?
and this makes cars a bad thing... Right?