Saturday, January 19


    Why did the ladies on this site not tell me shaving my legs would feel so good? and where is the best place to shave my legs? In the shower, out of the shower, or in the bath?

Friday, January 18

Can I have some peace and quiet?

      I am so tired of hearing politics, just let me sit here alone for a few minutes;
No bashing or criticizing.
Just let me sit here and hear nothing.
     Feeling like I need to build a wall 
Just to keep everybody out. 
     I want to have fun, not a debate
I have no time for hate.

Monday, January 14


Education, I go through these seminars every year now for the past 3 years; before I only attended once every 3 years. Required by the Dept of Agriculture. Now, of the chemicals used in a standard lawncare application, weed control and fertilizer which would stand out as "dangerous" to you? I would estimate by my experience, you choose weed control. The active ingredients in weed control have remained constant for some 40 years; 2,4,D, Dicamba, MCPP, Triclopyr and Sulfentrazone being some of  the most common active ingredients. Fertilizer on the other hand has changed; from the 1990's to 2000 the available phosphorous in most fertilizers has been dropped to 0%; this is due to 'leaching' into the ground water.  Poisoning your water supply is not my goal as a lawn care technician; making your lawn look good is. So like most, I follow the advise of the Ag department. I am just pointing this out to show that either your fears are in the wrong place or maybe your fears are unfounded and lawn care should not be "the ones" destroying the earth. 

Sunday, December 30

The Answer

Bengals- the answer is easy hire a general manager that knows football
World peace get together on a common good (space)
Middle East drop a bomb on them
any questions just ask

Sunday, October 15

Color for men


     Who was it that decided nail color is just for females? Men painting their nails is coming back in style after some 3 thousand years.
      This all started a few years back when my daughter lived with me. She used to paint my toe nails, just one or two of them. I would look down and see the art work and really did like it. I thought, what about the rest of them? They look so plain with out any color. I now also color my fingernails. A bit shocking at first. I did some searching and reading on the subject. Through my research I did find Brad Pitt and  Johnny Depp both paint their nails.  At the bar I consider my neighborhood pub I was questioned why and even assumed by at least one gal to be gay. I have read many men painting their nails come across the same experience. Dare to be different is what I would call it. Why limit yourself to unpolished nails? The colors are endless.