Sunday, March 15


     One would think I was done with Samsung, but I will stick around and see if they "come to the light". My first experience with Samsung was a few years back, I acquired (got it free) a Samsung smartphone, yesterdays technology still on the market. At the time the Galaxy had been around and was up to Galaxy s3. I acquired the Galaxy Continuum; the first of the Galaxy line. Had some issues with that and went to Motorola for one phones life, about a year and a half; so here I am back at Samsung with the Galaxy s5. Everything was "cool" up till the last update. It never really crossed my mind so I didn't concern myself with the color of the dial screen; up till the last "system" update. It is now a hideous white, no lines separating the numbers. The only color to it is the title line, it is a reasonable teal green. All the rest is black fonts on a bright white background. As I said it is hideous. Through a call to my carrier, and snooping around the web, I found  the way to change this is "install an app". Now I am sure you know as well as I know; a free app will come with advertisements and who wants to buy an app just to change the color of a screen? The ads are, to say the least a nuisance; or am I the only one that clicks open an ad when trying to close a feature or program? So after about 5 install and uninstalls, a bunch of aggravation; I have now downloaded and installed an app just to color my dial pad. In this experience I also found out the "block notifications" with its handy calendar and time setting was removed from the system. I just found this to be true this morning at 3:00 am.  Which is the reason I had to incorporate 2 different apps today.

Monday, March 9

The answer is so simple

     I have been around for a good while now, and have seen the good, as good as it gets, and I have peered down the other side too. I hope that this writing will strike a chord with some. 
     If you want to get rid of the drug cartels and you want to keep drugs out of your childrens hands; some will still fall through but, take the crime out of the drug problem. Legalize drugs. Plain and simple, if you can buy it from a reputable outlet why in the world would you still buy it on the street. And yes there is a criminal element in the drug trade. Duh, its illegal. If it weren't the criminals would have no need for it. Remember back to the 1930's, alcohol was illegal, thus making some people very rich. Now I'm not saying drugs are not a problem; however I am saying its not a legal problem. The problem is a social problem and does not need legality or lack there of as an additional problem. Now, if you take the money being pumped in to fight this losing battle keeping prohibition as the answer and turn it toward a proven remedy (sobriety) I think you will get further in your battle against drugs. As was mentioned before, prohibition creates a business and our government has had dealings of this sort before (days of prohibition). So it does seem unlikely that our government would make the same mistake twice. Yet, drugs become a legal problem rather than a social problem. Are you seeing the same circle I am? Just my take on solving a problem. 


Saturday, March 7

Confused? So am I.

     So, today we learn the difference between a Plutoid and a Dwarf Planet. Shown here is a Dwarf Planet, named Ceres. NASA now has a spacecraft orbiting this unexplored new world, also known as a Kepler Object. Dwarf Planets are; as you would imagine small planets. Now, to my knowledge there is only one Plutoid in our solar system. Just a few years back, and all through my school days it was known as Pluto. Planet #9 of 9 planets orbiting Sol, the star that the planets in the "Solar" System orbit about. 

Now to see a "Plutoid" click here  . So "the ones who or whom know all about this" decided that since everyone in my generation, and a few generations before learned Pluto was a planet, with a few odd differences. These differences (orbital path, size and other) set Pluto apart and can't be called a planet nor can it be called a Dwarf Planet. So Pluto goes beyond "planet" and becomes the sole resident of a new "planetary" body. 

Saturday, February 21


You may end up having to think with this post. I was designed that way. If you Do Not exclude any angle or direction you will eventually create a sphere... a circle. This is including Everything and so becomes what is known as the universe. Add to that the universe is moving in a circular motion, which will create galaxies. Which contain planets (spheres or circles) revolving in circles and revolving around a star or sun in a circle. Closer to home we have cyclones and hurricanes that resemble galaxies, circles again. Come to speak, fungus, if you have ever studied in general will form in a circle. Logically speaking it would not be so far off the mark to say life is a circle. No beginning, no end. Food for Thought.

Saturday, February 14


Has the electronic "message" replaced human contact? And what is with the text messaging? Isn't this supposed to be a phone? Now I did have an experience in which "texting" was a logical and effective tool; more about that later. As I sit here logged into my blogging site with my texting device, I am trying to change the world just a little bit at a time. I  find texting to be a great tool, a "personal memo" if you will. Not a real useful way to "get to know" someone. Beyond the lol's and smileys the message is devoid of emotion and inflection not to mention gesturing and body language. Do phone calls even exist any more? "A phone call" that's what my mom always said, "if you are going to be late". Made sense, then she knew I hadn't been abducted, wasn't in the hospital or in jail and she could speak with me. My mother had this skill of knowing if I was lying, even on the telephone. In steps the "text message". You just type it and send it. One of the better features of the text message is the location stamp. "I'm over at Fred's working on his car" with a location stamp saying  "sent from Joe's Bar and Grille" is sure to go over well with your wive.