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Sunday, March 30

Well it started out looking good...

Please excuse this particular post; as a science/documentary Blog my personal life rarely appears in here.
Well wow... what a weekend. I get the additional day off as Saturday was not a lawn care sort of day. Cold, raining, windy and all the other things associated with a non conducive day for lawn treatment. So things actually did start as a plus. Found out my favorite local band was to make an appearance at a local venue, like about 2 miles from my place. That is road travel mileage not "as the crow flies." So I make it to the bar to meet up with an old work friend. Not to say the friend was old, but the friendship was. We were watching the band from what I would call the choice house seats... having a great time; beer and other adult beverages great conversation and shenanigans galore.  A beautiful female walks up to me, introduces herself, and hangs close by as the evening progressed. Things were really starting to take steps in the right direction. Yea, I got her number... we will see where it goes from here. Sunday things took a sharp turn south. Started with the plan to get some new sneakers (gym shoes); place up the road called Shoe Carnival is first store I think of. To beat all of the box office bests Kroger is in the same Plaza (shopping center). I did need to pick up a few items there. As I walk through the Carnival all I can say is "I can't believe this" and "you are kidding right?" The lowest price I saw was $39. Who in their right mind would pay $120 for a pair of sneakers? Thinking a new plan, but head over to Kroger since I am right there with coupons in hand. First couldn't find the orzo, even knowing from past experience it might be in the rice aisle (fat rice it is also known as). Next; could not find the garbanzo beans had to settle on chick peas (no problem, they are one in the same). The problem with a different Kroger is they are not Universal in set up, not being one to shop this particular store made matters a bit time consuming. Part 2 of the one stop shopping expedition was go to Wally World; the ever famous Walmart. Choice of closest was tough. Eastgate; yes that traffic nightmare, or the one on Red Bank, oh god how I loath the customer service at this one. Red Bank did get my business, $20 for a pair of sneakers. So... I finally get home about 5:30 (oh forgot to mention another "worst coffee ever" from the UDF). Plan is to roast a chicken for dinner; this will take at least 2 hours. Dinner will be late tonight. Get the bird out of the fridge, and yes, it was still frozen. Adding more time to the venture as I needed to soak the bird in cold water to thaw a bit more. Stuffing the bird can only get 1/2 the stuffing in the cavity as it was still frozen but I am running out of time. Guess is I will "stove top" my home made stuffing. argh! After bird is prepped and in the oven realize I left my cigarettes in the truck... down about 8 flights of stairs to retrieve and go back up the steps I just came down. To end on a positive note, I had a great night out with the girl I met on Friday night. Went to do see another band at the same venue.

Sunday, March 16


In my day:
Kennedy: assassinated while I was in diapers
Johnson: from what I have read was a biggot
Nixon: just got caught doing what he needed to do for National Security
Ford: took office via chain of command as Spiro couldn't seem to get his tax papers done correctly or on time or both... as President, Ford proved to be unworthy of the job and that does including tripping on the tarmac to Air Force 1 several times.
Carter: other than his "fireside chats" did little to get this land moving in the right direction
Reagan: no complaints, seemed to have an idea of what needed done and how to execute such, had great charisma as I have read Kennedy had.
Bush: please?! One would think as Vice President would have learned a thing or 2 
Clinton: cool guy but cool guys shouldn't be in politics let alone President of the United States
Bush Jr: was what they had to offer... aside Catrina, the damage to the Great Sphinx, Vietnam and what ever else you want to blame him for; did an alright job
 Obama: I see evil in this man. PERIOD!

I think it is time we looked out side of Government "lifers" and Lawyers to fill this job, maybe someone with accounting in their background?

Survey said...

Congratulations, you are now the reader of my 1500th post (whistles, bells and all sorts of hoopla) I mean... just like Barney told Andy "This is really big"

Did Nixon really invent inflation or was that Chip Wood?

 Playing devil's advocate/idiot; I will pose a question. Is it the president that defines the economy or is it the economy that defines a president. Was Ronald Reagan just at the right time or was it just the time was right for Ronald Reagan? Seems we have not really had quite the boom since he (Reagan) was in office. Though I do commend Bush (the younger one) in dealing with a problem that had no solution (9-11).  Just as there will be poor always, there will always be evil. You really can't declare war on evil. Of course then again, that is a lovely Pandora's box to define evil. I think the economy will ebb and flow with little help from the president. There is the issue of tax burden, which is about the only thing the president can do to change the economy. Even so, corporations and rich people make a lot of money, so do you even the tax burden with a set percentage, or do you give beaks to the higher earners? I mean any way you set it; wealthy people pay more. Is it just an ebb and flow with the president getting the credit or is the president deserving of that credit?