Friday, May 22


     Conspiracy I say. The mouse sits at the top, has a computer device named for,
feed and the wheel, lets not forget the wheel. The hamster, specific feed AND the "habit-trail". Then there is the Mongolian Gerbil, who has nothing. Go to the pet store and tell me if you can find a feed container, listed specifically for the Mongolian Gerbil.

Lawn care 101

So why not yellow clover?

It looks like a clover. It is called Black Medic.
A little research costs nothing but a little time. 
Get your lawn aerated this year. 
While I did not start this post as an advertisement, the above link did bring to mind the one process in lawn care that should be included in any lawn care program; core aeration. Speaking of that if you spend money taking care of your lawn; water is essential to a healthy lawn. TURN ON THE SPRINKLER!  

Sunday, April 12

Wait a minute...

Ok, hold the boat for a minute. It's now LAW to have health insurance... This is you know the sketchiest insurance there is... When needed to be called on, its generally "too late" and when you die the insurance co pockets the left overs. The insurance company has nothing to gain in this law? And now I am being TAXED for NOT having this insurance?? This whole Obamacare thing stinks of Unconstitutional.
 And for those who in question of TAXED on something I don't have... You are fined on the Form 1040, resulting in a higher tax burden for NOT having health insurance. 

Thursday, April 9


     My post titled "What are the chances" having received many comments does deserve a post script. Lets say you are Catholic (for arguments sake) born, raised and died doing all of God's Suggestions, hints and commandments. You are dead, heart attack, cancer, old age, what ever... you are standing at what
you would "assume to be the pearly gates" and come to meet, Zeus, Achilles, Apollo, Dianicess and the like. Standing at the front steps of Mount Olympus. Didn't see that one coming did you?

Sunday, April 5

Healthcare or Taxes; you be the judge

Well lets look at this; Taxation without representation, a bunch of corrupt politicians, a president that is in office illegitimately (not born in the USA)  "Affordable Healthcare? Do you not see the way you are getting screwed? Even if you are getting a "tax return" (think about that, Uncle Sam holding your money with no interest) aren't you getting less? Affordable Healthcare is anything but Affordable.  Remember the Boston Tea Party... Taxation without representation? What if the "representation" is a bunch of corrupt individuals? Just think about that.