Saturday, February 21


You may end up having to think with this post. I was designed that way. If you Do Not exclude any angle or direction you will eventually create a sphere... a circle. This is including Everything and so becomes what is known as the universe. Add to that the universe is moving in a circular motion, which will create galaxies. Which contain planets (spheres or circles) revolving in circles and revolving around a star or sun in a circle. Closer to home we have cyclones and hurricanes that resemble galaxies, circles again. Come to speak, fungus, if you have ever studied in general will form in a circle. Logically speaking it would not be so far off the mark to say life is a circle. No beginning, no end. Food for Thought.

Saturday, February 14


Has the electronic "message" replaced human contact? And what is with the text messaging? Isn't this supposed to be a phone? Now I did have an experience in which "texting" was a logical and effective tool; more about that later. As I sit here logged into my blogging site with my texting device, I am trying to change the world just a little bit at a time. I  find texting to be a great tool, a "personal memo" if you will. Not a real useful way to "get to know" someone. Beyond the lol's and smileys the message is devoid of emotion and inflection not to mention gesturing and body language. Do phone calls even exist any more? "A phone call" that's what my mom always said, "if you are going to be late". Made sense, then she knew I hadn't been abducted, wasn't in the hospital or in jail and she could speak with me. My mother had this skill of knowing if I was lying, even on the telephone. In steps the "text message". You just type it and send it. One of the better features of the text message is the location stamp. "I'm over at Fred's working on his car" with a location stamp saying  "sent from Joe's Bar and Grille" is sure to go over well with your wive.

Tuesday, February 10

Think about it...

The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the opinions of Pirate Named Neo® or its staff.
     But really give it a thought, instead of paying you are now making money.  Actually is a "no brainer."  75 or so years chasing, arresting some, locking up others and still, if my desire is strong enough I can find some. Did we not learn in the 30's if you make something illegal and people still want that item; it can be found. No taxes involved; being illegal your average Joe does not set up shop. Someone is going to make a profit. This is where the the cartels come in. Are you familiar with the name Al Capone? Well, lets dig our heels in and fight this so called drug war. The expenses cover the entire gamut. Control, investigators, arrests, court, and lock up just to name a few. All because this plant has "mind altering" effects. Should we throw catnip into the mix of "schedule A" drugs? Let's say we look at this in a different light. Drugs are a community/social problem, not a legal problem. Typically a "crime" is something the hurts and or costs money to other people. For one, drugs don't seem to fit this profile. The "need" for a drug may cause crime but that is really another issue. However, marijuana is not and I will repeat "Not an addictive substance". Too many studies do back this statement. Really, think about it; using taxes to help keep an addict satisfied makes more sense than using tax dollars to fight a losing battle. Getting off track here though. Is Colorado falling apart? As I last heard life is still pretty good there. And you can actually get a Rocky Mountain High without breaking the law.

Sunday, February 8

For those who doubt

So you don't think Reaganomics will work... and you have doubts in the "trickle down" ... Well put it this way, if the "higher up" don't have the liquid assets, then they can't hire new workers. While it may seem unfair that the "wealthy" get the tax  breaks, if they didn't there would be no chance for them to hire in new employees, the work on existing employees would be greater and everyone would be unhappy. I think our first president of hollywood fame had a good idea. Why doesn't O'bama see this, more jobs available is way better than more government subsidized programs. And he could actually change the name to Obamanomics.

Saturday, January 17

What are the Chances?

     Before I get started; Pluto is a planet, material having achieved hydrostatic equalibrium, has a set orbit around Sol, and even has a natural satellite.
     Just thinking about Earth. One of 9 planets (old school learning) in The Solar System. Then count in the other 'bodies'. Roughly 190 moons, uncounted asteroids, uncounted Kepler Objects and then there are the comets. Add to that the cooler I launched in to orbit several years ago and you have a large number or places that could harbor life. As technology flourishes, develops and grows we now know more about the space around us and to this day have not found life (as we know it) on another celestial object. Facts may be a bit skewed; but please bare with me. Our closest neighbor (apart from our natural satellite Luna) Would be Venus. A bit closer to Sol, so if all had worked out right it would be a bit hotter than Earth. But; things didn't turn out right, the oxygen escaped the atmosphere, the heavier gases remained and ended up with a severe greenhouse effect. Scientist say the surface temperature on Venus is hotter than Mercury (#1 of the first 3 planets). Our other close neighbor would then be Mars. So this planet is set up a lot like Earth, rocks and dust, a molten core, tectonics and even a reasonably close Ph balance in the soil there. There is even a little water there; in the form of ice. Mars being further from Sol than Earth, is like a perpetual winter. Seasons being Cold-Colder-More Cold and Coldest. Would make a nice ski lodge calendar. I will at this point say; for sake of argument, of the first 3 planets Earth ended up in the only place temperate to support life. This location is, in fact so exact there are places on Earth that are too cold to support life (as we know it). Which does bring me to the subject of Per chance happening or is there Intelligent design?  Food for thought.