Saturday, May 17

the aliens told us

Someone please tell me there is no truth to the story I read in the news that nasa has not returned to the moon since the 70's apollo missions is aliens told us not to come back. How far fetched can you get? If we were told by aliens not to return to the moon than what has changed (last word I heard we will be returning to the moon in 2012) and if told not to return, would the scientists really just stop being interested in the moon, wouldn't we find a way to tell them to leave us alone. So not only did they tell the astronauts but also the cosmonauts, wouldn't this force peace to the world to defend against an outside 'enemy'? Doesn't seem to be something I can believe. This is sounding to me to be more unbelievable than Neil Armstrong's moon landing being staged. Well thats my opinion what's yours?

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