Saturday, July 19

man on the moon

Just wondering, how are moons made, and why are they round.(I know that answer, btw) I knowd a bit about a few other planetary moons, other than Luna of earth. Io Phoebe of Jupiter are not exactly round. You can tell those are errant asteroids caught into orbit. Phobos and Deimos are similar, they are the 2 moons of Mars. I have read there is an errant asteroid that has passed between Earth and Mars. Scientists have been observing 2007- TU24 for some years now. At the closest point was just 1.4 the between the Earth and Moon. That is almost to close in astronomical terms. Headed away from Earth now. (sigh of relief) That could have been a disastrous occurrence. I did read an article once that posed an interesting rescue mission had the trajectory been Earth. Plan would be to launch a space vehicle on an almost intercept course, and a both the asteroid and the space vehicle having gravitational pull, lead the asteroid off to change the trajectory so as to miss our planet. In theory I could see that. I never knew the spaceship would create gravity, learned something new. This is weekend to celebrate the 1st manned lunar exploration. Awesome stuff when you stop to think about it. We took a "jeep" to the moon once, have landed there 7 times, seems like we would have started an outpost there by now. Well hearing the plan is to return, have to wait and see what happens.


Jasmine said...

Actually, everything has a gravitational pull. The greater the mass of the object, the greater the pull. The reason people, animals, and objects don't move toward each other based on that pull is the stronger force keeping us all on the Earth's surface.

Learn something new every day, huh?


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

There's just so much here, Neo. Reading this post gives me that same feeling I get when I look up into a clear, night sky and see the billions (infinite) worlds above my head.

Happy weekend.