Wednesday, September 17

That would be the Duke, pilgrim

About that weather, nearly 100% power outage, down electric lines and all that, who's to blame? 
Well I can't be pointing fingers guess one would have to say as the insurance industry says, "act of god".  So what now? I understand frustration, my power was back up in 20 hrs, some are still with out.  That would be a real head ache.  Duke energy is doing all they can to get power back as quickly as possible.  Hats off to the common Duke employee working 16 hour shifts to get the job done.  Come to think... you ain't got it so bad, what about those down in Houston?  Homes flooded, the stink of mildue, mosquitoes and the list goes on.  So if you are without power (can't read this without power)  just hold on to your pants, help is on the way.
And check the stats, other places have similar problems with power outage, do they get half a million customers back up in 3 days?  Just something to think about

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