Saturday, September 27


why do I not consider myspace to be a real blog?
perhaps its because its a page site for little kids?
maybe it the way your profile means so much
or could be the way that it has everything under
the sun in it from im messenger to email and blog
its startling to get the micro soft feel to it, os, media player, anti spam and anti virus, etc
The thing in life is, do one thing do it better than all the rest
what if Micheal Phelps would have trained as a swimmer and gone to the Olympics as javlin guy, or a bob sled racer, different out come I would say.
why would I let windows be responsible for defragging my files when there are standalone programs to do that sort of job
windows media player, excuse me; winamp aimp2 and apollo are standalone programs for media
While I did meet alot different people, remeet, and what not, it just seemed to get old after just a year of being into it. Lost its 'pizaz' so to speak
On the plus side, myspace did give me more exposure, and more controled exposure, I just sorta came to hate it as the apitamy of blog sites.
trust me facebook doesn't score much higher. I seem to be on to this blogspot via google a bit more. On to the next post where I will talk about some more space stuff.

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