Thursday, September 25

Random II

ok don't be alarmed at the fonts, I was just looking for a color that wouldn't hurt my eyes like the yellow did. Hard to see that on a white page.

I did get a new phone, Verizon a basic plan, includes all the voice mail forwarding messaging and all that. Nicer phone than my other one from Sprint. My new one has the features I can do stuff with my pics (as it is a camera phone)
This is a pic of a perfect hose rollup. Myhelper is working out fine, has some issues the other day but thats resolved and all behind us now. A perfect roll up is not an easy task... hose comes to the reel with kinks and loops and rolls up quickly, I say kudos for Brandon.

Lawns for the most part looked good today. The one on Drake Rd was especially nice. Had that "screaming green" look to it. Only a few weeds and the Dallas Grass issure is history.

As for after work; which is always better than work. T is gorgeous tonight and life is a good thing

still thinking about that cat. I did mention I wanted a cat in Random I, a few days ago.

Man, I am in a Paltalk room ( the music is ok, had some issues about a song ago. I really dont like acdc, I think they were the first of the bands to exclude creativity from their music.
And then came the "metal" music and its all down hill from there, counting in the popularisation or Rap music (eeeeeeew)

Music to me has to have a story/ meaning/ message with it. I thought old Rush and Pink Floyd filled that request quite well.
Ok moving away from the Beam on the rocks, with Coke is a little better.

Always did like this song, 'Betty Davis Eyes"
by Kim Carnes
listening to Billboard top 1oo of 78
what entertainment needs is a rating company like Billboard to do just Rock, but than you need to break that down. Many like rock, but maybe not the rock I like, I am a blues, meaning buy. So many different styles of rock. I mean how to you compare Barry Manilo with Jimmy Page or Stevie Ray Vaughn? No compairison in my eyes, both very talented, entertaining individuals, just different.
No compairison.
Space is it, I'm telling ya the thing to do it explore and go there. Lets see how much more we can find out about Mars, and work from there. I don't think there is any life on Mars.
Least not life as we know it. Too cold there.

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