Saturday, September 27

Yes I am alot about space and planets, would even go as far as to say the gas giants. It was the Phoenix misssion that opened my eyes that had been shut for a long time. I seemed to sorta tune out to the space program in the Shuttle program. Seemed like NASA took the stance, we have done what we need to do and then just sorta quit. By "The Jetson's" standard, we are way behind, Star Trek was supposted to be in the 2500's or so and 2001 a space odd... we have entirely missed, and thats not even counting "Space: 1999" another popular sci-fi program about a moon base. So what happened? thought we would be flying around in cars that folded in to a briefcase by now. Here sits NASA saying we are going to the moon. You mean "again" been there done that; so to speak.
Not only going back to the moon, but going back to the old rocket we used back in the 70's

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