Saturday, October 18

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 Early morning picture.  See, I am the last one of my family to get into the computer world.  My brother used to sell computers, my sister seems has always used the pc for work and such and dad too.  Now here I sit off on weekends sitting by myself as my girlfriend works weekends and I am left to converse with total strangers.  Would be nice if I could stay in touch with family, email,  messenger or something.  Just a little typing and a few clicks of the mouse, seems easy enough to me.  Wish my dad wasn't so email phobic, he doesn't like spam and is afraid it will blow up his computer, hahahaha

Might not seem to tie together but I do so miss my mom.  She just seemed to be the one to hold the family together (you guessed it, I am listening to John Denver)  I remember I got mom the album, yea the vinyl one, Rhymes and Reasons for a birthday or mothers day or some. 76 or so was his "latest album"

Yup, I am the black sheep.  Only one to smoke pot, only one to not go into 'white collar' work,  only one to be on the outs.  But still I want to stay in touch with my family.  Just gets tireing to be the one to make the call.  Been so long since I have really talked with them there just doesn't seem to be anything to connect with anymore.

   Oh yea my job, I am sorta white collar in that my exact title would be 'route manager'.  Indian Hill and Maderia are the major points of my route.  Indian Hill is the ritzy area. Families like the Linders and Peter Frampton life there.  I do have a few yards that are in excess of 100k sqft.  43.5k= 1 acre (approx)  Manager, routing, driving, contact and all that is me.  Good for me while not the smartest guy in the world I am a people person.

Used to be a big Myspace junkie... got tired of that real quick.  Did get in touch with a few people I knew from school and even talked with people I didn't know and led me to some other unknowns.  Was Myspace that intoduced me to Joe Bonamassa. Great electric blues. Red is my favorite color but blues is where its at.  I do consider Led Zeppelin to be the best blues band ever.  Jimmy Page was from the Yardbirds, blues band

Has your coffee ever turned out to be 'crunchy coffee'?  The filter folds funny in the basket and some of the grinds get into the pot. 

What do you think?   did Sara Palin ever smoke pot? I am willing to bet Barrack did

Is it that the intellegent ones know how to blog and the not so go to Myspace and Facebook?

Aries is having a blast, chases the little ball with the bell in it for hours on end. Even th 

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I also meant to ask. Do you live in Ohio? Maybe you've posted about that but I missed it. I just Saw Indian Hill and know there's one in Ohio.