Friday, October 10


Best I have seen yet.  Thursday fly by of Enceladus, with a well defined fracture or "tiger stripe".  This fracture is where the geysers of ice and dust erupt from. Quite interesting for a moon.  Seems to 'feed' the ring system of Saturn.  The more we explore space, the more questions that appear.   Why does Saturn have such a prominent ring system? The other gas giants have rings.
Is it because it is a younger planet? or 
Is it because it is an older planet? 
I have said before my theory: All planets start as gas giants but thats another post, another time.

A moon with an ocean of liquid water below its surface? Enceladus is turning out to be more interesting than Titan, the only moon known to have an atmosphere. 

Cassini has answered many questions and still raises more questions.

   "The final frontier" will we get the answers to our questions?

Phoenix is set to go Comatose, sun sets for months in the artic regoin of Mars, as it does here on Earth, sun being the only thing to power Phoenix, it is set to freeze to death.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Because we share this fascination (on my part-- an obsession) with space- I will be back here often. Lovely post.