Wednesday, October 22


I saw these grils about 2 years ago at a festival, in other words it didn't cost me a dime, well the beer did.  I have always liked this tune.  I believe this is both Sylvan Song and Dream of the Archer on one track.  Most of the strings on these tracks are done with a mandolin, awesome instrument.

It does somewhat remind me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon when Daffy was Robin Hood, trip trip trip trip...

Porky Pig was Friar Tuck

So please enjoy I like to try and get the tunes I like out there so others can hear what I like

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Living in their HOME city-- I've been lucky to see them perform live several times.

Just incredible. Ann Wilson's voice is BEYOND COMPARE. It is in the upper-upper-upper-upper percentile when it comes to power AND range.

I saw them at Benaroya Hall-- which is Seattle's Symphony venue. I lucked out with primo seats. I could hear her power both from the amplification and JUST ACROSS THE DISTANCE. POWERFUL.