Tuesday, October 21

killing time

Morning, I do have a few minutes to do some writing.  Have been expermenting around with this new widget maker to put songs on my post.  Experment is the key here.  Posted a few that end up with different songs than I intended.  Hope you like this one.

This is an instrumental in the Epic Rock format that Rush became famous for.  Note the emotion that fits in with each part of the song.  

It should be another short day at work.  Just a short 6 weeks and it will be time to kick back for the winter.  Winter is spent right here on my computer playing, expermenting and learning.  I do have some phone work coming up but that is a piece of cake.  Some of my customers have gotten to know me and like anyone in thier right mind (I am left handed) they like me.  Many appreciate my experience and knowledge.  It is in the job description,  sales, service and consultation.  Sometimes its as easy as telling the customer you are mowing the lawn too short, sometimes involves more drastic measures, wrong cultivar, to much shade and yea a few times just make a mulch bed there, grass is not going to do well in that place. You sorta have to go with what the good lord gave you. 


Well thats all the time for now, I have to get myself in action and go to work I'll be back to tell ya how it went today, enjoy the tune


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love this new feature that you are employing. It's like a walk down memory lane for me!

I think we have very similar tastes in music.

Neo said...

Well I did hear you say Pink Floyd is one of your favs, they are my top fav