Sunday, October 19


Never mind the link, its just the same picture.  I get these pictures in my gmail.  NASA Daily Digest Bulletin on my mail alerts and I just click and look, great thing about gmail.  

Have you ever known a person who has two different color eyes?  I knew a girl in 
Stone Mt Ga at Roland Elem.  I said to her, so your eyes couldn't decide, strangest thing was she was left handed too.  All ways thought that was 
a freak thing unique to me, the eye color that is. One is Hazel the other is blue (or close to blue)  

Hey Eric, I never could find any music from that one post you did.  Some pirate I turned out to be.  

Not so sure what I did but my winamp in window shade mode is stretched all the way across the top of the screen and is in 'auto hide' Makes it nice that I don't have to move it out of lthe way but I forget its up lthere, where the __ll di d my winamp go? 

Al Gore created the internet??  Well did you know I invented the debit card?  Yea really I did.  I was one day thinking, gosh wouldn't it be cool if I could get my money out of the bank with a plastic card just like my mom does at the McAlpine's store

if you leave me now you'll take away the biggest part of me

Oh, I live in the wonderful city of Cincinnati Oh  
home of the Reds
home of the Bengals
home of Proctor & Gamble
71/75 combine and split Dayton Oh on one Columbus Oh on the other 
Sara Palin is due for a fundraiser in Indian Hill, 

Peter Frampton lives here in Indian Hill

My first automobile was a 79 chevy monza.... the coup, with 2 doors and a trunk, think the engine was a .009 or something, power measured in hamster power. 

been using this google chrome for a few weeks now.  It really it what they wanted to offer, sorta do everything browser.  I find it very convienent go back to the previous page, with the arrow or other,  seems quicker than the others I have tried. ie, firefox, opera, etc I a nice tie in with gmail, igoogle home page and the google desktop.  All I need now is a gphone and I will be all about google.

 oops, forgot to take the trash out, and clean the cat box, shit I am really fu_king up now.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This is a WOWZA photo. I enjoy reading your blog--- you have a unique ability to "talk with the blog" as if it is an entity. It's very entertaining to read that style of stream of consciousness writing.