Tuesday, October 14

Not much longer,  I will be standing in a voteing booth, stareing at my ballot, some answers I know, but the main, the who for Pres is still unknown.  I did vote Bush, and I don't regret that I did.  Katrina was not his fault, the bank failures not his fault ( fact is you can tie the democrats to that easier than Bush)  I'm not a Bush hater/basher.  But really republicans, is this the best you have to offer?  Palin offered a little spark there but its just not a choice really. Barach' not hardly,  a man that votes present more times than a yes or no does not need to be in the White House.  So here I sit... Your not giving me much of a choice here.  Like the one alergic to spam being offered spam with rice, spame with eggs or spam with rice and eggs. Now I know (god please let this be right) that the USA is not going to fall apart based on who gets elected,  but can't you just give me a reasonable CHOICE?  Could vote "none of the above" write in, eh...... Charlie Brown, practice darts on pics of candates, the one I hit the most will be my vote.  Now I understand, not letting out the secretive plan of how to solve this or that, but can we hear something more than how bad the other guy is?  

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

neo. I think part of what you're saying here is ON THE MONEY. Let's get these candidates REALLY talking about ISSUES. Like jobs and paychecks and taxes for the little guy- like ME.

Both sides seem so negative. It's really a turn-off for me.