Wednesday, October 22

Space, the final frontier

xray view of the Phoenix, prelanding (solar panels still stowed)

Has been one incredible mission.  First successful propellant landing on Mars since early 70's viking mission.  With Phoenix we all but smelled and tasted the soil, discovered water on the planet and measured weather patterns and stats in the polar region on Mars.  Some may say a waste of time and money, I think it is the first step in bigger and better missions to come.  As the final frontier there is so much progress that comes as a direct result of doing what "once couldn't be done".  Technology goes forward, if you want to stay where you are be my guest, I choose to move forward with Technology.  My interest in space travel went dormant for a while during the shuttle era, but has been awakened by the exploration of Mars. I have even taken a more involved interest in the Cassini mission to Saturn and its moons. Strangely Saturn and the Cassini mission has found more interest in Saturns moons than Saturn itself.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

You know Pirate, I'm just AMAZED that this mission has not been FRONT PAGE news every day since the successful landing.

IT HAS BEEN STUNNING, as a mission.


But as a longtime journalist-- I know that STORIES FADE FAST. Sadly, even the most important ones, like THIS one.