Monday, October 27

Stumbleing and falling down

My local grocery store is a great place to buy wine.  Found a bottle for about 3.49,does have a slightly vinegar after taste but still, is much more cost effective than other alcoholic concoctions.  I was doing some figures the other day, a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey at $23 plus tax will last me a good 3 days.  That comes to about $8 a day; plus what ever you are mixing it with (ice costs money too).  Beer is still affordable but I do like the buzz I get from the Tisdale Cabernet Sauvignon.  Cheese does help with the vinegar after taste and heck after about 4 glasses, I can't really tell it leaves an after taste.  Another plus about the cabernet is its a red wine, best served at room temperature, no need to wait for chilling. Thumbs up to Tisdale, though I wouldn't recomend serving at a dinner party, it does get the job done.  Most would rate this wine with a 3, not being so picky I give it a 6. 

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