Monday, October 20

this round

Started round 6 (as it is known in the industry).  Most go with a very cheap (affordable) material.  Uria based fertilizer analysis= 46-0-0.  This application is a quick release fertilizer. The only macro nutlient in the formula is nitrogen.   This is the macro nutrient that provides for top growth, color and top growth does actually include the density of the root system.  The nitrogen count being high the plant will not use all the nitrogen provided and will hold it during dormancy.  This makes for a much greener lawn in the spring even before the first application goes down in March. 

Days are gonna go quick.  Be done work by about 12 or so every day.  Not alot of spraying weeds now, the real nice lawns, was on one today; don't even need weed control. 

would be cool if I knew the computer a little better,  I know a bit for never going to school for or anything; was hoping blogger would offer me the comic sans and a cursive font.  Probably programs out there to do that. 

Knew this girl once, when she started hanging out with me saw my interest in computers.  She then started calling me to ask "why is the computer doing this or that?"  I would try to walk her throught the fix and she would say "oh you come do it"  One time she couldn't figure out why the only account on the xp os that played music was her husband Scott's.  First check- is the computer reading the same sound card? the default,  if you will

Well guess what? That was the problem .  They had 4 accounts on one xp os... I have never run mine with more than just my account and the administrator account. You really would be wise to not run your account as "tlhe admin" account, open a new account with admin rights,  hackers would have a blast if they could get to "The Administrator" account. 

Sorta interesting, the song Frankenstien by Edgar Winter is the only pschycodelic song I have heard from them, most is some straight down home blues

Anyway, Pink Floyd is my favorite, the masters of "Space Rock"
as I said in a previous post David Gilmour was the best thing to happen to that band. Major contributions to Dark Side of the Moon,  quite a piece to have in your history. Gilmour also payed quite a tribute to Sid Barret in that the album "Wish You Were Here" is about Sid. "Animals" is just a few songs, representing the animal names we attach to certain people.  Look up 'Pink Floyd Dogs lyrics' in a google search some time. 

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