Saturday, November 8

been having some trouble with the blogger lthis morning (into afternoon).  The font was discoloured on the last post and had some trouble posting my song gadget with text.  Just one of those funny things I guess.

Anyway, I love this song from the Final Cut (the last real Pink Floyd album)  They did more albums but I don't think they were really a band anymore after the Wall.  Roger Waters did fire the late great Richard Wright during the production of that album.  The whole Roger Waters drama is a bit for me to understand; but when you work as close as a band does tempers will flare and personalities will tend to clash.  

The song does make many references to Nuclear Holocost (the title of the song and the lyric " the sun is in the east, even though the day is done" and "as the windshield melts and the tears evaporate").  Question is: is the song of what if; in so much as 'what if the bomb had been dropped on Great Brittan or a reflective song to see the damage that was done to Japan? 
Well read it as you see it.

"Like the moment when the brakes lock and your sliding toward the big truck, you stretch the moments with your fear" lyrics in the bridge seems to draw your attention to panic.

I really like the saxophone in this song, sort of a soul touching part of the song. 

This is definetly a beginning to end album as all the songs do touch on the same theme.  I think that is what I like so much about Pink Floyd.  Like a book that you can't put down once you start reading it, this record puts the songs in an order that brings a point across and leaves you understanding a vague point (if that makes even a little bit of sense).  


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