Wednesday, November 19

nice buy

Well think we found it. Just a matter of details now. Price vs what is going to be fixed. Has a good size dent on the tailgate, needs a drivers door bushing and a radio would be nice but I have talked the guy down a few hundred dollars, Ms Pirate took it for a spin yesterday, just have to see how it goes.


R.E.II™ (The Missing Manuscript) said...

I am a lover of 4x4 and this looks great. I had a naxt accident sometime in 2006 and was lucky to be driving in one of these. It was a toyota rav 4, ew out of the ran into from behind...You will not believe it. All it had waqs a scratch on the bumper but I suffered whiplash. Great choice if she decides.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Looks like a *nice rid*

I've always thought how nice it would be to have a car that could haul stuff.

I've always had little cars.

R.E.II™ (The Missing Manuscript) said...

and the safety commissioner is back