Saturday, November 8


who can forget Seinfeld? in a retro move I am going to call this the Blog about nothing.  Just endless chatter you ask?  Not completely; I'm sure in the next 15-20  minutes I will have some interesting thoughts.

This is my interactive juke box, I listen to tunes and surf around on the computer. Yes, I said computer, not web. Web surfing is involved but thats not all there is to it.  File searching,  yahoo messenger, music,  pictures and all that stuff I stored on the computer plus web surfing.  Hangin out on blogger checking my email, outlook and gmail; I do have yahoo but I hate that mail program so I stick with the others. 

I am thinking of installing and using Ubantu again.  I tried it once, for a free os it does work pretty well. It is very desktop oriented, like the way most use windows but I was taught a different way to use windows.  Instead of the desktop I open my programs from the quick launch.  This allows me to keep the icons off my desktop and leave just the picture showing when I have nothing on the screen.  If you right click the desktop a window will come up, actually called a context, if you take the check out of "show desktop icons" they (the icons) will disappear, including the recycle bin; add a recycle bin icon to the quick launch before you uncheck that box.  Oh yea Ubantu, duh. I got off target for a bit there.  Ubantu is a linix based operating system that is free on the web. Its much like windows.  I need to learn more about it;  the last time I installed it I removed it and went back to windows after a day.

I'm getting another beer, I'll be back in a few mins

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