Tuesday, November 18

ok I'll be the first to admit, I am not liberal but I am open minded, I also lean conservative but am not closed minded. Not prejudiced but I do see truth in some stereo types; including left handers are more artistic. (leonardo de vinci was left handed) but any how...

I am just me, left handed, and born on the 13th.

I believe individually one thinks as one and collectively think as a group, this is where 'mob rule' comes in. Tell me you haven't done something "unyou" at a rock concert or a festival. Don't you have a set of rules for work that you leave at work and behave differently around different groups of friends. There is a way to present ones self around family too. Soul censorship we can call that. I would not refer this to be lying.

Barock O'bama will make a good president. See its not just his ideas, he does have advisors. As long as its not a gang of thugs (p-ditty, gold chains and teeth) I think we will be fine. I will pay close attention if his secretary of defense is Hogie Husane O'Laden or something like that.

but now we're getting into the eek politics subject, so I'll back off of that.

Don't we need to change congress if change is really to take place

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