Friday, November 21

used vehicle

So far I am happy, Ms Pirate is happy that makes Neo happy. We picked up the Blazer this afternoon. I ain't nothing of a bargan hunter, yes this was a used car lot, original "asking" price at $2995, all I did was look at check out and throw a "worth" price at the dealer. "How bout I come here tomorrow with $2000 cash. Dealer says "well as is we can do that" or so to speak, can't give you a verbatim on what the response was. As is looked to be worth about that, even with a monster 'ding' on the tailgate. Well cut to the chase, end around dude says "2k we can switch the tailgate, we have another green (teal) blazer, we can switch tailgates". Well burn my joint from both ends, thats what he did and the only thing not done was the radio (didn't work) but whats a super hi-fi cd system cost these days? heck I saw one with a usb port for $140. Just don't comment back that the book value (blue book) on a 1999 blazer is $1500 and I will pat myself on the back and be happy as Ms Pirate is happy that I helped in the hunt, capture and purchase of a used utility vehicle.

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