Wednesday, November 12

Thank you Scarlet

   For the love of sharing.  I can't see any other reasons I like to blog.  To get my thoughts out there, and to let others know the wealth of knowledge available.  This post has been inspired by a blogger friend, Thank you Scarlet.  I may not have a large group of followers, I know my blog does get out but how many are really going to take the time to read what a lawn care tech has to say? I am not a writer, even in an amature setting. However I do like to pass information and this is the best way I know how to do that.  As I come across interesting things in my searches, mostly about space and music I like to pass on what I know.  I really wish I had this thirst for knowledge when I was in school.  I might have actually done something with my education.  This being said, I will continue to post, and pass what I find, and just hope that more will follow me in my search. 

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Pirate. I love your blog. You have a gift for doing *exactly* what you describe in this post -- passing along information.

I learn a lot from you and look forward to clicking on the page every day

Keep up the excellent work.