Tuesday, November 11


oh boy!  I have my gmail newalert set to "nasa phoenix".  This is how I stayed tuned to all the mission news.  Here lately every blog and report is "death of phoenix" or "may be over" or what not.  As I said weeks ago, the Phoenix mission is over, not enough sunlight to recharge the batteries.  Thats it, its over, done, ka-put.  End of story.  I will however keep the alert up to get any new information that comes of the data sent back over the past 5 months.  There was much studied by that spacecraft, and not all was devulged to the public.  Much will be coming in the next year as summaries of the experments, observations and data collected.  As I said, kudos to Mr Smith and Mr Goldstein.  Mission well managed, well executed and mission accomplished! You may not see now but some technical advances will come of this mission, if not new ways to transfer and store data, improvements on the way data is transfered and stored.

But anyhow, back here on earth (you know the planet we call home) things are looking great,  fertilizer is doing its job, and weed control was applied properly.  What a beautiful lawn.  One of the smaller lawns on my route, has improved greatly since we took this account on.  Mind you, this is not just the nicest lawn on my route, all the others look like this. 

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