Sunday, November 30

um, not sure what I was thinking

Me myself and I, good team for this moment.
I like to hang with me
When you are not your own friend, things get bad
No one knows what you truly need except (you)
If you can't love yourself you can not love another

a quote: "Panacea, liquid grace, let me touch your fragile face"

A mythic story of By-Tor, an evil power in the epic conflict with Snow Dog, a pure being of good, love and caring. Song was actually inspired by a couple of dogs owned by friends of the band Rush

Mind is getting clouded, excuse me...

One of my blog friends should be going by my home town about right now.

gotta stop and collect my thoughts for a few....

drinking some wine right now, so my thoughts may become rather skewed

Sorry, drink induced nap took me away, way far away, but I am back to complete my report.

As I said I get an erie feeling of familiarity with the Ubuntu desktop, I am getting more comfortable with its workings and find it easier to use everyday.

well for the picture, I know its another screen shot, but its very deje'vue < or how ever you spell that, as if I have seen this before.

Oh and by the way I am enjoying working around the Ubuntu operating system; very much like windows, I would imagine Mac is similar as well. How many different ways can you access files and folders?

I have a start menu, not named such, but essentially will do the same thing, access applications, folders, files, and lets not forget the system stuffs, hahaha

I am perplexed with the configuring the start up, as was done on the run bar of windows to tell what programs should be started with the operating system boot up. It seems to take a long time to boot up and I suspect too many programs running in the background would be the cause of that.


The Y River said...

I am hanging with you and enjoying the adventures with technology. I love technology too. Just don't think I am as savvy as you. And thanks for the space links in an earlier post.
You are an excellent guy

Anonymous said...

What am I missing? I found something to share with you however there is no way to "contact" you via this blog other than commenting on something you have written... A little self serving don't you think?? Anyway -
Enjoy - really cool pics set to "soothing moooosic" *Jeff* (BovineBlogger)

Psyconym said...

Yo can't love another unless you love yourself. Nothing comes easy does it?

I know nothing about technology and relie like a child upon the opinions of various computer scientists I've either been out with or are friendly with or are related to, but certainly not bn out with.

I repay them with talking for hours on literature etc.


Neo said...

bovine, thanks cool pics set to soothing moosic, if you need to contact me