Saturday, November 1

use your brain for once

what a day
MsPirate has to work every weekend so I sit here waiting. I do enjoy my weekends but would be nice to have a person to enjoy the weekend with. 
I guess this is the reason I wanted a cat and couldn't wait.  I remember the days after my divorce when I was alone most weekends and the only one I could share with other than the computer was Achilles.  Having a pet does help fill the void of emptyness.  

Yea, another blog post here of just putting my thoughts into text.  Censored text of course.

Came to my atttention yesterday, Peter Frampton is a supporter of O'bama.  Mr Frampton being a great musician (if your rock collection does not include Fampton Comes Alive it is incomplete) has been living in Indian Hill for some time now and is complaining about the political sign being taken out of his front yard.  Sounds like a sad complaint coming from a man who essentially wants for nothing.  If I was the police dispatch getting a call like that my only response would have to be "get a life"
Oh just to let you know, rich people live in Indian Hill and that would be for the most part  McCain country.

Oh and by the way, if you are an O'bama surpporter, don't expect any of his changes to show any time soon.  Under the Clinton administation it took till now for the "change" in credit credentials to take effect.... banks failing and the increase in foreclosure to rear its ugly head.  But as for his tax policies;  you will notice immediately a drop in the amount of money on your paycheck and a steep rise in the cost of living.  These two going hand in hand will worsen the economic conditions in this country.  Taxes are not the answer, they are  the problem.

I hate politics.  Most voters are stupid and don't understand what they are voting for.  How does increasing government spending improve a problem that is caused by the inability to stay within budget?
All politicians interested in improving the economy will vote yes on congressional pay raises.  Who do you think pays for our government?

Voteing based on his color is racist

if I can quote.. "not on the color of his skin but on the content of his character" MLK 1963

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