Tuesday, December 23

another of many

This also looks like an errant asteroid caught into a planets orbit
Pandora seen here is another of the many moons of Saturn. Little
is known about the makeup of this moon, no flybys are in plan.
Not to be one to laugh at science, but this and Phobos (moon of Mars)
sorta looks like god was tossing stones during the creation of the Universe.


Blue in Green said...

Its been difficult to post ...did I say difficult...I mean its been impossible posting comments here for sometime.
This is amazing!
Wanted to wish you a very merry christmas.
All the best.

Neo said...

I think it had something to do with me changing my url to my page. (the problems) I think it has worked out now. For a long time I got no comments and then no comment notification in email. glad you liked my post and I did put a little story together if you saw my post Earth as a Frontier sub-title Neo's Journey. Hope you enjoy it.