Saturday, December 27

Can we just get along

A rather large White Bengal and a baby Siberian tiger. Was reading once that there are fewer tigers in the wild than in captivity. One article I read stated to save the world we must first save the tiger. Excuse me but don't tigers eat people? And you thought mosquitoes were bad. The tigers habitat is disappearing rapidly. I am personally a lover of nature, and cats so I do take some interest in these things. India, China and Russia are the places these large cats live. As I noted above; their populations are falling to near extinction numbers. Rest assured, this one is not George Bush's fault.

There are a few interesting web sites out there, here is one of them As we do share this planet with other animals and the tiger was here first (they're also bigger and meaner) I say we need to Yield to this beautiful and majestic animal. While the tiger is falling into extinction by loss of habitat (how much land do we need anyhow)

Tiger poaching is a big problem also. Being close to extinction tirger parts are in high demand. Someone please tell these tiger poachers if they need to hunt, and I can understand that; there is an unbelievable over population of whitetail deer here in southern Ohio.

in closing I have one more thing to say
Isn't he just the cutest-------->

not Shere Khan now but just give him a few years

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