Wednesday, December 24

Neo's Journey: celebration

This waiting is killing me. I am an impatient soldier at times but I was so ready for this mission.
Aries has been a bit busy the last few time units, study this and that, getting the landing co-ords in order and just general prep for the final phase of the journey. He has been collecting data about the Earth, will be looked over and studied when he gets a chance to send it back to Space Command.

Ash too has had her hands full. Few minor tweaks to the sensors and the normal stuff an engineering officer needs to take care of. Its a bit complex and beyond my technological knowledge but that's why I have a crew.

We did have a small celebration party. First mission of this kind is worth a celebration. I did make sure I toasted all the crew, especially MsPirate; she did a fine job to get us here and my hat is definitely off to her. I too was a pilot for many time units but never gained the experience to make it my life's work. Thing is she really seems to have a knack to be a great pilot and really enjoys the challenge.

I did have to take a walk over to Guitargirls quarters to let her know we were having an informal celebration, she spends a lot of her extra time deep in study. I told her to take a short break and join us. She didn't really want to but I pulled rank on her and made it a direct order. She did come in with a sad face but in the end she had a good time and appreciated my request to Space Command to have her along.

Some of the Admirals and officers were questioning my choice with GG, being my daughter and all; but they did sit down with me and saw I would be needing her on this mission.

Both Ash and GG have been telling me the Earth is all a buzz about a celebration that seems to be global. I am hoping the friendly attitude of the humans will help ensure a peaceful end to this mission. Our brief studies have shown there is a multi-cultural /spiritual day coming soon. It is very optimistic to see the beings on this planet in such a peaceful way; especially after all the war we have seen on the Earth.

I will sign off with this last saying we are hearing ... Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah

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