Tuesday, December 30

out to eat

...and once you come to realise this life will not be so lonely ....

Dinner was ok, if rate that on the fact that it was a well known "out to eat" place, better than say Frisches (shoney's) or Steak n Shake, the service sorta sucked... the food was ok as in I've had better but on a whim did fill the need. Told Ms to leave a 10% tip, waitress will no doubt see this as a cheap tip, so the point was missed but I refuse to pay for services "not" rendered. Going thirsty for over 10 minutes is not deserving, waiting for a glass of wine." The return, "how is everything" was to par, and the food was fine, its the little things. I tip well in most cases, being a veteran of the tip system I know. Not so much the wait on the food but rather the service
in that wait is what will " make it or break it".

and in the end I yes I said "I" win. As my "servant" you will bow to my expectations and needs.
I could go on but no need you see my point here and I will leave it at that.

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