Monday, December 22

villa- my opinion

Rush, a band from Canada, hit the scene in about 74 ish. One of my favorite bands. I saw them in 1979 doing a tour of their album* Hemispheres. This tune called La Villa Strangiato (an excersise in self-indulence) Its is one of the best tunes this band has to date (they still make cds and tour)
The song, an instrumental is split into 12 sub tracks:
I: "Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!" - (0:00)
II: "To sleep, perchance to dream..." - (0:27)
III: "Strangiato theme" - (2:00)
IV: "A Lerxst in Wonderland" - (3:16)
V: "Monsters!" - (5:49)
VI: "The Ghost of the Aragon" - (6:10)
VII: "Danforth and Pape" - (6:45)
VIII: "The Waltz of the Shreves" - (7:26)
IX: "Never turn your back on a Monster!" - (7:52)
X: "Monsters! (Reprise)" - (8:03)
XI: "Strangiato theme (Reprise)" - (8:17)
XII: "A Farewell to Things" - (9:20)
I have gathered this information so as you listen to the song and try to stay in what we will call "the musical mood" it will have an efffect on what the song actually means. The meaning of the song I would imagine to be open to interpretation, and seems a bit vague. I do consider this album** to be the best this band has ever done; even though they are still a band, together and producing good music.
*1978 was a time before compact discs
**album should still be the name of a collection of tunes

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