Thursday, December 25

with a few tears

Heard just tonight, an old friend of mine; substituted my guitar teacher back in my youth and came to be a good buddy has lost his father today. I have lost touch with Mike for a few years and when I heard I needed to call him. As luck would have it I was able to get the phone number where is dad lived and caught up with Mike on the phone. I became very close to Mike's folks, his dad especially. I do plan to attend the services. Little did I know Mike's dad had felt close to me; well how about that? In all the warmth, happiness and holiday spirit I just could not imagine Mike's loss. I have already experienced loss, as I don't stay in touch with his family anymore; but nothing like what he is going through on this Christmas day. I have been buy Richard's place a few times with work and have thought about the times I was close with him and his wife and the times I spent with Mike. Then now, like wow... it sure does get away from you if you let it! The world will surely miss Richard, as he was everything one strives to be; kind, witty, understanding and a true friend regardless of age. Above that Richard was a true father to his son. As I had heard so many times from both Richard and Mike, good times, ball games (both huge Reds fans) and a true father/son relationship

I realize now I have friends I didn't even know about, I need to stay in touch with the people that are in my life.

Mike has been very busy today with reporters and such and is of course very distraught.

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