Saturday, January 24


Separation, this is the key
Separation of Church and State
this is a line in the Constitution that can be misconstrued
it does not mean elimination of religion from state (government)
but rather to separate the 2
I have seen actions some attempted, some carried out to remove Christianity (the basis of the
American Colonies) from all government institutions and even a move to remove God from the
pledge of allegiance.
As long as God is named on our money; God will be in the Pledge
To me (opinion) God is an idea or more an ideal... not an individual

All religions are in part based on the 10 commandments, it is one of universals of religion
don't kill your neighbor, don't take what doesn't belong to you, etc.
Back in the days of Aladin you would get your hand cut off for stealing.
To be Atheist, the 10 commandments apply, even.

The statement "Separation of Church and State" was included in the Constitution to keep the Christian church from being the government. The Church has a chain of command of Monarchy.

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