Saturday, January 10

Has be brought to my attention

Has been brought to my attention that wine is perhaps not a manly drink. Though you won't find Clint Eastwood sipping a glass of chardonnay in a western, it is not all together out as manly drinks go. (Jesus and the 12 drank wine on many occasions) Relatively inexpensive, $6-12 a bottle,(above and beyond the Boons Farms style of "wine") Cabernet Sauvignon is a delicious red wine, not overly sweet and goes well with most meals of manly balance (red meat, thick sauced spaghetti) Also includes a convenience factor, in it is to be consumed at room temperature. (no chill time) But do beware of the package you purchase. Do try to get the bottle with a cork, as these are the finer of said wine. Don't worry if the cork is real cork or plastic. Many would think the plastic is a step down, done for cost reasons but; plastic corks are more effective. Please do not buy a 'box' of wine.

Wine by tradition is color coded, if dinner is red meat, steak, beef, pork or any of the standard "to be consumed" live stock go with a red wine if dinner is to be others, say chicken or fish white wine will work. So if the dinner is expected to be "the catch of the day" you might consider picking up a bottle of white wine, Chardonnay is a good choice for the fishing trip.
As Miller is "the champagne of beers" and Michelob says "it don't get no better than this" go a step beyond and bring a bottle of wine to your next outing.
and remember, Wine also goes well with quite a few different Herbal cigarettes.

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the human said...

does boxed wine come from cube-shaped grapes?