Wednesday, January 7

New one

Now this is a new one I have yet to see. A new galaxie.

Lonely Galaxy

Astronomers have long puzzled over why a small, nearby, isolated galaxy is pumping out new stars faster than any galaxy in our local neighborhood.

Now NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has helped astronomers solve the mystery of the loner starburst galaxy, called NGC 1569, by showing that it is one and a half times farther away than astronomers thought.

The extra distance places the galaxy in the middle of a group of about 10 galaxies centered on the spiral galaxy IC 342. Gravitational interactions among the group's galaxies may be compressing gas in NGC 1569 and igniting the star-birthing frenzy. original source

Neo says: I am really taken by pictures like this one, keeps me interested and curious
I was however wondering even though we are talking rocket science, how do there scientists know what the heck they are looking at, star formation and young stars ??

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