Friday, January 2

New Yardbirds?

oh what a night... can't sleep, so I drink some more wine. Back to work soon, only phone work so it won't be so bad. I would have a picture but can't find one that relates to the topic. Well this one should work. "This band is gonna go over like a lead zeppelin" Keith Moon said that about the demo tape he heard of "The New Yardbirds"
The New Yardbirds
In the movie "Song Remains the Same" Jimmy Page is shown to play Gibson guitars (les paul and doulble neck sg) but most of his recording was done with a Fender Telecaster Do note the dragon painted on the Telecaster is upsidedown when the guiter is straped across the shoulder.
This is the guitar Page recorded most of his music on; including the hit "Stairway to Heaven"
Jimmy Page had a 'whawha' pedal but rather than the change in tone (bass to treble) he would leave it on heavey treble, he liked the mood of the treble sound.

If you can't tell Jimmy Page is one of my favorite guitarists. In a single handed effort he rewrote the blues.
Not much I can say about Led Zeppelin that has not already been said, one of the greatest and most influential bands in the history of rock and roll and is considered by most to be a legend.
learn more in a google search of Led Zeppelin.... I love this band


Psyconym said...

Volunteering does make you a better person, as you are working for no obvious personal gain, until you realise all the people are wonderful and you can share so much with them.

I am working in an archive at the moment, in the past I've worked for a charity shop and a hospital. I want to do more, maybe for charity again, maybe when my life has more direction.


Blue in Green said...

I love anything fender...especially the piano but this is great