Sunday, January 25

The one I Hate

I hate lawns like this, I have quite a few terraced lawns in my route.
some are not so bad but with stairs included I have to pull out the old push spreader,
and hills will kill in that operation.

Alternating the spreader path is a better option but on a hill you are stuck, one direction is about all you can do.
If I ever come across the guy who invented lawn terracing I will slap him firmly across the face with my gloves. (probably won't happen as this was done back in the ancient days)
It was used as a way to farm hillsides. Terrace the land into levels as you go down the hill. Quite inventive, (will/way senario) and really sucks when incorporated into a lawn design.

It is nice to look at once you get the fertilizer to kick in and weeds are well controlled but getting there is not fun.

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