Tuesday, January 27

Snowed in

And still coming down. I was awake about 4am and yea it was snowing, and it is still snowing. They (those nebulous people) are saying that I will keep snowing through Wednesday.
We really have not had that much snow here for some years. With the snow of course comes the danger, driving, cold and did I mention its always cold when it snows. Its a conspiracy, when the driving is more dangerous its miserable outside. Did I mention I don't like the cold?
.....photo note, the van in the image is no longer for sale. Has been sold.

Now this is more the weather I like,

wouldn't it be nice if you could get snow in this weather. Then it might be a little more fun to go sledding and making snowmen.

So I sit here sorta snowed in not really wanting to go anywhere.
Light snow, already got about 15.24 centimeters another 6 centimeters on the way.

On watch and attacking snowflakes every once in a while.

Would be a good day to just sit in and listen to some music or have some hot chocolate, but the cupboard is bare..
Well I am gonna run up to the store for some essentials back soon. Hard to sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate when you don't have any.

Back from the store and guess what I forgot? yup the hot chocolate.

interesting fact: You can buy barbecue chips but you never dip potato chips in barbecue sauce.

You know the unsafe driving habit of going through a parking lot "against the grain"? Cutting through marked empty spaces to short cut. Seen a guy doing this today, snow and danger already present, add to the danger and talking on a cell phone as he did this. Double trouble if you were to ask me. <--- see this guy was talking on a cell phone, and smoking a joint.... which is worse?

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