Saturday, February 7

Auto 101

Out and about, haven't been out in a while. I am scheduled back to work Monday and I need to get that Ford back on the road. Get a battery (I don't really like working on cars) So I figure I need a wrench to fit the battery terminal. Unusual for me to buy a tool, I usually borrow. Living in an apartment the past several years haven't had need of tools very often. So I get home with a battery, a set of 5 ase measure wrenches (I think that is what you call 'not metric') So I get the one I think is gonna fit, has to be either 7/16 or 1/2 ..... ah shit the dam thing is metric.

Well luckily I did find that adjustable wrench I was looking for all over the apartment and couldn't find. This is what prompted me to buy a set of wrenches.

Victory is so sweet.

well this car is lot cleaner than mine (substitute)

So all that is left on the repair is to get the core
charge back from the parts store. If I could have
found that wrench when I was first looking I would be done with this whole mess. I mean I really don't like working on my car.

Is it even worth the $12 to have to run all the way out there again?

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