Wednesday, February 25

Fav as Muscle Cars go

Just commented on a friends blog that brought this to mind. Knew a guy back in the late 80's had a 69 Chevelle. It was probably the "badest" car I had ever been in. Mind you I have never been in a Corvette, but chance be given I will jump on it.
available with a 396ci 'big block' add to that a 4 barrel carburetor, headers, and all the other mechanical stuff to beef up one of the best muscle cars of the 60's and 70's
Not that I'm a big grease monkey, into racing or NASCAR or any thing like that but when I see one of these, it does get a second look. They just don't make like they used to (as the song goes)
well almost (words of the song are "they just don't write em like that anymore")

Corvettes, Chevelles, Mustangs and others just catch my eye (I wouldn't want all the power though)

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