Saturday, February 28

Invaders of the Dangerous type

so you say God never makes mistakes? I will have to agree to disagree with that. For one there are moles, these creatures serve no purpose other than tearing up your lawn. and another is the Yellow Jacket. I at one time a long time ago owned a house. Yes people, I am not really an apartment lifer... I owned a home (x wife took care of that though) so on with the story. My kitchen had a drop ceiling, with a florescent light with a cover. One day I am standing in my kitchen, looking up at the light (don't ask me what for) but I see a yellow jacket climbing around , seems he and the others; as I looked there were more than just one as is the case with most pests; came in from the attic. Being they came from the attic this means there must be a way for them to get from outside, into the attic (duh). Upon a thorough inspection of Pirates palatial estate I find where the gutter and soffet provide an open access for any flying pest to enter my attic. Luck would have it, I worked at a lawn care/ exterminating comany. As I make friends rather easily I was friends with the manager of the exterminating division. I spoke of my problem and he offered advice, and a product that would take care of the "flying hasards of live". In the exterminating business know as a puffer. The size of a shampoo bottle, with a baiting type of insectide in it, witih yellow jackets being in the list of pests it can "control". So I set the ladder in that place of the entry, evening, according to Jerry, as this is the time most if not all inhabitant will be there. and puff a few into the opening, when the yellow jackets leave they pick up some 'bait' when they return and enter, they pick up more bait, and when spread through the hive it kills them all. Sounds like a plan to me.l As I placed the latter, loud and clumbsey like any Pirate, it awoke the victims, when I got to the top of the latter I found the tip of the container needed cut off (opened) shit, well I always carry a pocket knife, pull said knife out and ... ouch.... aw..... son of a ___ ! 3 count em , 3 done got me, end cut off, I point the puffer in the hole, puff puff pufff, yea they be dead soon.

that was the crazy story of the Hornets Invade Pirates Pavilion. No more yellow jackets.

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