Friday, March 13

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

Well lets talk baseball ...

Like the Reds sweeping the Astros in 1990, or how about when Pete, Johnny, Ceasar, and Tony were all part of "The Big Red Machine"
and lets not forget Ken Griffey the original. Now I'm not a huge fan but I do have to claim some hometown baseball feelings. See the Reds (then known as Red Stockings) were the first of Major League baseball teams. I have been seeing the Reds as winners in a few of their preseason games. Spring training and opening day are in the air around here. One of these days Opening Day will be an excused absence at work (if not already)

Opening day is always a big thing around here. And the mood of Cincinnati follows how the Reds are doing. Been a bit slack here the past few, with the Reds ranking low in the Major League. No post season here in Cinci for a few years. Just to let you know, baseball is in the air here in Cincinnati.

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