Thursday, March 12

Friend appreciation day

Eric- yea this is a post about you! I feel honored to have come in contact with you. While I have never heard of you before I started blogging I come to find you are a broadcaster; soon to be a writer (or actually you are already a writer) I have many interesting friends on blog. Friend in this case would be a person I take interest in; so all the blogs I follow would be my friends. I appreciate all the posts I read, you know when you are having a bad post that doesn't seem to be interesting, so not all, but most grab my attention and get me thinking. Please don't feel if your name is not mentioned that I am not including you. I just think its a cool thing to know someone taking the leap, putting the career on hold and just plain jumping into the writing field. Eric, I have only listened to 2 or so of your potcasts, found them to be very interesting, detailed and you do have a wonderful voice. I'm not sure if that comes from the education and training needed to be a broadcaster or if its just a talent you have. When published, I will read your book, I find it very interesting to be on the subject you have choosen.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Wow Neo. I'm deeply honored. Really this is so kind.

By the way, I had a friend, who loves your blog, tell me that my link to you was broken. It has since been fixed.

Thanks friend.