Thursday, March 26

The Green Beast

The Many Repairs; but it was less than $1000

New ball joints, heck I didn't know. Got a few more little minor repairs,
the front axle. Its really not all that bad, its the cv boots on the front axle and its just easier to change the axle. So that one comes up next month. Its a great car just been worn out a bit. So I can sink the cash into this or go find another car. What are the chances I find one that isn't gonna eat up my money on top of a car payment?
I still need my friend to help me install a cd player in it.... I tell ya I have no tools anymore, I have worked on cars before, to save money but I would really rather pay
someone that knows what they are doing to fix my car.

Well Beast is ready to be picked up.

Beast is running fine now. I can actually feel the difference the new ball joints make. After I get the cv boots fixed up I will be able to put some new tires on and really be ready to go.

1996 Ford Probe SE
2 liter inline 4 cyl
16 valve
5 speed standard trans
electric windows, locks, mirrors
etc.... a very nice car

Ford works with Mazda, and the Probe is most like the RX7 by Mazda.

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Psyconym said...

I think mum was having a stress out last night. I asked her today whether she still quit, and I don't think its confirmed. I'd told her I'd been stressed and we agreed that Dad would go off the wall (as he could never quit, of course).

Yeah I've been told things do get better. Thanks for the comments.