Wednesday, March 18

happy birth day to you

Well there, party gal, life of, and party for MsP tonight, its time to celebrate her b-day. Tomorrow, to be exact but the celebration goes on tonight. She's off work tomorrow, I still have to work but at least I don't have to be in till 8:30 so I can hang with the party tonight.

So she tells me (after I get all the gifts I thought I should get her) that she will be happy to sleep in tomorrow and low and hold, I got here a pillow with a couple of pillow cases (she must have been sending me subliminal messages) I mean till now she's been stealing my extra pillow, candles of course, and a few other littles that she needed. I just try to keep her happy with the treasures I seize from the ships passing by Pirate's home waters.
I am not possessing the authority to let you know what birthday it is (she's a she), lucky me, she's younger than I am.

So she is gone for a few but when she gets back I will be paying attention to her, will post again soon. I love her so much. :)

And I know this will sound sexist, but she sure is sexy! (I allowed, she's my girl friend)

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