Friday, March 13


Just sitting around, with a little time to think and I like to "put my thoughts on paper" so to speak.

Ready for another cold day out in the field. If you have read my recent posts you know I collect interesting things I find out during my workday. Well here is another, I found this in a customers front yard and thought it was an excellent addition to my collection of pine cones. The pen in the picture is to give you a sense of scale on this.

Yea its sorta crazy but I collect pine cones to use as decorative items. I have a few small ones that the cat has taken to be his new toys. So this one, being the biggest pine cone I have ever seen, stays up and out of the way of said cat. (the little shit)

And yes I will tell you in my own words, I am a little nuts. Interested in a lot of different things. I think most of you know I am a space cadet and very much into computers (software mostly) Still trying to get used to this new failure of Bill Gates known as Vista. It is different from XP which I may add I think is the best operating system windows has ever offered. This could be due to the fact that while running XP I learned much about the computer and now I am as a "newby". This is not all bad though as it will give me an opportunity to learn. The control panel is all different, I think I posted this once before, not only has the location of "add/remove programs" been changed so has its name and icon, why on earth Bill felt he needed to change something that worked well the entire time Windows has been around.

I was going to snap a pic of my computer tower with the new Linksys wireless router on top of it but it sits in the shade and my phone doesn't take pictures in the dark very well. I have found the Linksys to be much better than the Netgear that was on here before. Had experience with a wired router by Linksys and just seems to be a superior product.

Well only a few minutes before I have to pull myself away from the computer and spend another cold day out in the wilderness. Stay tuned to find out how my day goes, until that time ... later

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