Saturday, March 21

this is ground control to Major Tom

So we're out in space again. Doing this, doing that, studying this, that and the next thing and taking readings of this and that. Just all kinds of scientific research and development. Just sounds so exciting. Its like you still have to wake up and have breakfast; but man you are in outer space...
and how cool is that?


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This is the COOLEST!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

J.T's Tale said...

The real thing...its really cool. I am still here.

Lara said...

très cool
muy cool
quite cool, indeed

Go to DC and ride the simulator at the National Air & Space Museum. Or find a "vomit comet" that takes tourists. Not the same, yeah, but perhaps a wee step closer.

I miss working at NASA.

: (