Wednesday, March 11


well seems I have been tagged

because I mentioned Chuck Norris and so did Jules

rules are to tell 6 (1/2 dozen) things unique about you, post must include a link to my blog as well as 4 other friends*

here's my 6-

I was born on the 13th
though I have traveled a bit I have never been west of St. Louis
I was born in Teaneck NJ (please don't hold that against me)
I am left handed, and my computer is set up just like yours (mouse on the right)
I play guitar right handed owned a Les Paul and a Stratocaster years ago
At last check my IQ stands at 110, just above average

Dog grl


The Jules said...

Yay! Ta for playing!

dog grrrrl said...

Hey! I wrote a 25 random things about me awhile back and am frankly to lazy to do it again:) But thanks for including me it's cool to have a connection across the country