Tuesday, April 7


Leaving the 4 letter words out of this post...

This day is gonna stink, one weather site I look to is saying 42 is the high (f) others including the news station on the radio are saying won't make it out of the 30's. Holy freezing temps batman, I work outside. I know the knee-jerk reaction (dress for the weather etc) Face it and face it now, cold is cold and no matter what you do to protect insulate and stay warm its cold. Been in worse situations though, like the year I was a "helper" to build decks, in the middle of the winter. 0 was not to cold to the boss; who stayed inside except on Friday when he hand delivered paychecks in his SUV. So I will quit the whining and complaining and be thankful that I even have a job to complain about. The End

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