Monday, April 6

baseball has been very very good to me

So today is it, THE day to be in Cincinnati. Opening day, baseball is here again. Seeming like the standard, a week or 2 of nice Spring weather, opening day is cold and raining. Its a tradition thing here, first major league team and we celebrate. I remember when I moved here to Cincinnati, the big red machine and all, Morgan, Rose, Bench, Concepcion, Perez what a great team that was.
I think Bob Seger did a song about Pete Rose...
The Gambler

Things have changed here lately, I remember Joe Nuxhall and Marty Brenneman from the broadcast box. Joe passed away a few years back. Was a sad day to most here in Cincinnati, the man was Baseball. In the early days a pitcher and stayed with the Reds as a broadcaster for many years. Almost to the day he died. His last year as a broadcaster he only did a few games but "The Lefty" was always there in spirit at least.
Funny thing about Professional Sports. In the game of Football, the broadcasters seem to be Neutral, seeing the game in its many complex roles. Well they try, who can really be "neutral" with the Cincinnati Bengals? Our beloved bungles as they are known here. In the game of baseball the broadcasters are actually fans. Fans of the home team! Pick your team, there is always "The Voice of (home team here)"

I think I will go to a game or 2 this year.

I remember several years ago at my old lawn care job, a gal form upstairs (we were in the basement) came down and said "I have 2 reds tickets, anyone want them?" well this not being the first time she had tickets to give away, my hand was high, and voice was a bit loud, "yea, I can Fay". Wow, talk about fun, my Daughter and I went, sitting right next to first base, about 10 rows back. Yea we lost that night to Milwaukee but it was real treat to be there and enjoy the game. The peanuts were delicious.

I am not what you would call a huge baseball fan, but I do live in Cincinnati, and its a big thing around here. Probably bigger than LaRosa's Pizza, Skyline Chili and Graters Ice Cream all combined.

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